Viewing Report 7th May 2019 (Night 5) – La Palma

Viewing time period – 21:00 – 03:00

I started this evening by taking another look at the Moon through the binoculars. I showed our host Christian who was amazed how much detail you could see.

I then took another look at Omega Centauri, just because it is so spectacular.

Then I finished my other blog viewing reports and waited for the Milky Way to rise around 3pm so I could do some more visual.

@03:00 I spent some time looking at a number of objects in the Milky Way, but only briefly and I did not record any with the pencil tonight, it was purely a pleasurable evening of seeing across the Milky Way that was at this time still slightly on her side. I looked at M7 the open cluster near the base of the scorpion’s tail, sparkling in the night sky. I then moved to the globular clusters M62 and M19 nearby which could be seen just with Direct Vision. I then peaked at M20 the Trifid and could make out some of the structure in the reflection nebula. Finally I took in M26 and M11 both Open Clusters in Scutum before heading to M17 the Swan nebula and open cluster which as when we viewed a few years ago through the 12″ dob on the island, looked very much like a swan through the 4″ binos.

I then took an early night off to be by 3:30am whilst Alan continued with his Messier Marathon at the other site and Bob continued his imaging.

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