2 thoughts on “Planning for Tenerife9 – 2018 Trip”

  1. Planning continues for this years trip to Tenerife. Flights are now booked along with hotels and hire cars. I have started to look at a list of objects I wish to image when I arrive that fit my field of view for my QHY168C camera and a 200mm lens. I’ve also started testing the equipment as my QHY camera is new and I currently have a slight problem with some of the images as there are horizontal lines appearing in some frames and I am note sure why. Hopefully QHY can resolve for me through their forum.

    1. M3 vs M13

      So as by way of an update the QHY168C now works fine with the software from QHY which I will use on the trip. So far it is producing lovely images on the 12″ Officina Stellare OTA and I am now trying to find clear skies to test with the 200mm lens.

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