Thanks Mark

Hi Mark et al,

Seems I’m now in,so to speak, using my Google Gmail details as you said Mark.

‘Twas a good session with Grant last night, albeit the quality of our respective timings still appears a bit vague.

Hopefully we’ll get some proper feedback before too much longer, otherwise there’ll not a a lot of time left before imaging in earnest begins. Others have suggested and I concur with another session or so with Grant before that, now that out practical sessions have finished.

This may help you guys using any such feedback while on Tenerife.

New kit for upcoming trip to Tenerife

After a couple of trips to Tenerife with my Canon 5D Mkii, Canon f2.8 200mm prime lens on an AstroTrac as my main imaging kit, I’ll be adding a Takahashi FS60-CB with a flattener and an ATIK Infinity Mono camera to the mix.

Recent imaging for the dstl Project Argus has helped resolve adapter issues with the FS60 / Canon DSLR combination as it is a FS60 special and not a regular Wide EOS adapter that is required.  Live broadcasting to YouTube will also be a new possibility this trip with the ATIK Infinity camera.